Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink and Glittery As Always

As I sat at my crafting table, desperately trying to come up with a card for my good friends wedding this weekend, my mind kept drawing a blank.  My boyfriend is on a camping trip, and even if he doesn’t know it I bounce ideas off of him for projects until it feels right. So, I started thinking about everything else going on right now: last Saturday before spring break is over and I return to work kept playing over and over in my mind’s eye.
My students are constantly looking for themselves, and trying to impress their classmates. I am sure I was the same way in high school, but it got me thinking about a statement, “Be who you are, not who others believe you are”. So I searched my paper to find something fun, and pink and glittery because that is the sort of mood I have been in lately. Found it, perfect animal print, bright pink, glittery, everything I wanted it to be without knowing it.
Then the hunt was on in my short stack of Cricut cartridges, I found exactly what I needed on my Paisley cartridge (which is strange since I had just finished making our new puppies’ page in my 2010 scrapbook, and her name is Paisley Ann). The saying, “Just Be You”…I mean I was on a roll tonight!
I start putting it all together, and realized that I was still missing some critical parts…sunglasses were a must as I never get far without my own pair, and a bow…a bow only because I have this strange obsession with ribbon. You know the kind of obsession that even when you don’t need it, you have to buy it…especially when it is on sale…and you may have a use for it in the future…maybe…just maybe….
After I had all the critical parts, I texted a picture to my very artistic sister, and she approved without much feedback. I was thrilled since it meant that I was finally on the right track on making projects (not adding to much...but also not having to little on the items…it’s always one or the other!!). So the final project is pictured below…It fits my mood to a T tonight…so hopefully tomorrow I can create that wedding card I’ve been staring at for a week now….

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