Sunday, April 17, 2011

County Fair Thank You's

Being an agricultural teacher means that for one week each year my entire life revolves around county fair. Monday thru Sunday I leave my comfy home, head an hour into the center of Phoenix, hang out with other agricultural teachers and pray that each animal makes the sale at the end of the week.
Thanks are always in place: to many people.  For those individuals and companies that buy our animals and our agricultural mechanics projects.  For the superintendents, of the animals and the agricultural mechanics auction, for the endless hours they put in.  For the other agricultural teachers for being a support system when it is needed.  For the schools for still finding value in teaching kids about where their food and fiber comes from.

Thanks is a simple word that is often forgotten by the people that should be saying it. Many times these people do not realize how many hours another individual puts in just to make it so their day runs a little smoother.  They forget to say the simple phrase, and while it may go unnoticed, it is always nice to hear a “Thank You” when your life has been turned upside down for the joys of another person.
So, for all the people that worked hard, were not with their families, were not at their regular jobs and that spent endless hours making the lives of my students run a little smoother for county fair week, Thank You.


  1. Very nice. Thanks for playing at FCCB.

  2. Nice job! Thanks so much for playing along this week at FCCB! :o)

    Lisa N.

  3. Very sweet cards. I remember those county fair days. My daughter raised a lamb all 4 years of high school! Ag teachers are the greatest - we have so many wonderful memories and our girls (29 and 33) still stay in touch with their Ag teachers.
    Thanks for sharing at FCCB,

  4. What a fabulous post!! I so agree with all you've said and am delighted that you will make a point of thanking those who need to be thanked. Your cards are perfect for the occasion. Best of luck with the fair!
    And thank you for your kind words on my blog, too!